“One of the most impressive features about Chrysalis [- Narrative for Cello solo and Images] is that it seems to define a new kind of multimedia concert experience where the relationships between music and image can be redefined” – Miguel Mera, Composer

Film Music is a chapter I’m starting
to write just now, with my MA specialization and a nomination for a Golden Eye (Best International Film Music – Zurich Film Festival 2013).
My history with music & images, though, started quite a while ago, with the many theatre, opera and dance projects I worked in. They gave me the opportunity to learn first hand from Broadway directors and choreographers such as Gary Chryst, Chet Walker, Scott Farris and Jeff Whiting, as well as from amazingly gifted Brazilian directors, conductors, musicians and performing artists. As a creator, I grew as much from what I had learned in working with dance, text and staging (and their artists) as from what I experienced in the realms of music itself.
This wide collaborative path has brought me across the world and into this new universe, but working with the reels feels like I’ve never left “home”.

Composing for the Moving Images - Projects

Film Music Samples

Experimental (Music & Sound Design)

cue 1-3 : hallucinating omelette
cue 2 : rainy season (in the leaving room)


cue 5 : Brazilian bridge